Leadership isn’t best done alone

Ever hear of the saying “it’s lonely at the top?” I think about this a lot when the topic of leadership is brought up and I get the feeling this statement permeates a lot of people’s ideas concerning the topic, but if we look at many leaders, we find they did not get there alone.

One of the people I think of as a leader in business that falls into the aforementioned category is Warren Buffett. His success in investing and running businesses is fairly well known, but little spoken of is his right hand man Charlie Munger. Part of success is having those around you that also support and encourage you, in leading and in success. For this same example, one of the things Buffett looks for when considering buying a company is one that is well run. The first thing a person may think of with companies that are prime for acquisition is that they are doing poorly because of leadership, and although this is true for many cases, the companies sought after by Buffett are those that have good leadership and may need help in other areas, such as resources or restructuring-the details.

Surrounding ourselves with others that support us, even if indirectly, helps us continue moving forward in our endeavors and keep us on track. This is especially true the higher we move up in responsibilities because we can only manage around seven people at a maximum, so we need people that can take care of another seven, and more that can take care of another seven each down the line. We can certainly go alone, but human beings are fairly social beings and even tasks unrelated to leadership find us watching Sunday football with friends and family, spending our holidays with friends and family, and meeting up with friends after difficult projects have been completed at the bar. It’s all about who we associate with.

I am always after comments, opinions, and experiences you may have with anything I post and challenge you to write in!


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