Leadership early in life

When is the best time to learn about leadership? Is there a clear demarcation point in a person’s life?

I was reading a blog post earlier today that got me thinking about my own experiences with leadership in life. I also read an article in a business magazine a few years ago that said leadership is the singular most lacking skill in the corporate world, no matter the age level and it coincides with the point of the aforementioned article-we need people to learn and practice leadership early in life. In a video post I have been making this weekend, I was reminded of my own beginnings in learning leadership, starting with being the oldest child of the family, and spending time with classes like the NJROTC program in high school. The commonality behind both examples is that they were done early in life.

I have blogged before that leadership requires trial and error (aka practice) and now, later in life, I have realized how blessed I was to have the practice time so early in life. This is not to say that a person cannot learn leadership later in life, but it certainly helps to start early just because it is time consuming to both follow and practice leading others, thus creating more time by starting early.

Easier said than do, you say? You may be wondering where such experiences can be learned early. The answer is ambiguous, but true-it can be learned by participating in most anything involving getting out of the house. I mentioned that being the oldest child was part of my own experience because I was taught to watch after my siblings as an inherent responsibility for being born first, but also mentioned that I was in an NJROTC unit in high school. Sports are another great place to learn and practice leadership because you have to learn to work as a team and eventually be in charge of parts of the team, or the team itself.

I am always searching for those willing to leave a comment regarding their opinions, ideas, or experiences with the subject matter presented in my blog posts. I look forward to hearing from you!


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