Embracing conflict


Ever get tired of being yelled at? Have you ever thought I won’t bother talking to someone that is constantly at odds with me? This situation comes up at work, at home, and most other parts of our daily lives and we must learn from it.

Embracing conflict as a leader is not a natural reaction for most people. Our initial thoughts usually include a rebuttal, something along the lines of refuting what was said to us, or fighting the urge to yell back, but the secret for leaders to learn is to embrace conflict and learn from it. Some of the reasons we enter into conflict with people is that we are all unique, our beliefs are different, or external pressures are antagonizing people in some way. These differences have many sources, but learning where they come from can allow us to help calm others down, but our long reaching goal is to learn the sources of the differences causing the conflict and, in turn, learn new ways of handling situations, handling people, or outright learning new information that affects our tasks and goals.

Learning to have healthy conflict is the topic of an article I read earlier today and ties in well with the aforementioned sources of differences in another article about diversity. We can learn so much from those around us, either through observation or direct questioning, and our task as leaders is to learn from all encounters, whether they are good or bad. The importance is in seeing things as others do to create understanding, but it also fosters open communication with our followers and lets others voice their opinions, ideas, and concerns without the worry of reprisal from us as leaders.

Just some quick thoughts about those little things that we need to always be aware of as leaders or followers. As always, I’m on the lookout for comments, opinions, and experiences you have had with this or any leadership topic discussed in this blog and challenge you to leave comments!


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