What do you mean…open communication?


What do you mean by open communication? Telling my deepest, darkest secrets and innermost thoughts? No, this is certainly not what I mean, but I have referenced the idea before in other blog posts and thought it best to define it.

One article I read tries discussing some of the various thoughts about open communication and some of the benefits of using it. Key takeaways are: that you and your followers are able to speak about anything, that the freedom to speak about anything means that everyone speaks without worry of repercussions, and people also praise each other when it is deserved. Open communication also means that the leaders at the top of any organization get their message to everyone without being filtered through extra levels of management-speak to everyone and give them all the same message. Lastly, it is about keeping everyone in the organization aware of what is going on with the organization, whether good or bad, so that people can help out in the cause if it’s bad, but also to keep doing what they are doing well if the organization is doing good.

An example of a company that has done very well with open communication, both internally and externally, is Zappos. The company has done exceedingly well, partly from using the internet as a selling point, but also because its employees are able to resolve issues with customers themselves without having to ask for permission. The company believes in being open, within and without, as stated in the link to the company.

In my own experience, I found that telling my subordinates what needed to be done to keep the higher levels of management happy, how to succeed in the organization, and that I appreciate their efforts, both individually and collectively, have always paid off with better performance, better engaged subordinates, and the willingness to work for you, even if not asked.

I’m always looking for people’s comments and opinions about my blog posts. It gives others more insight than what I have experienced and helps teach others to become better followers, leaders, and individuals.


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