Keep your crew challenged


Imagine yourself doing the same thing day in, day out. It doesn’t matter what you enter as this “thing,” whether it be a job, a task, cooking, or laundry because eventually you grow tired of doing it, no matter what it is.

I read an article recently that went over keeping your best talent in any organization, particularly to “grow, develop, and make progress” with them. I thought the post was great because we do worry about our lowest performers because they are slowing down productivity and probably causing us lost time and money. One thing people forget is to also look at the top performing talent in our organization, whether it be in business or nonprofit organizations.

I will use two examples I ran into with higher ups in the organization leaving top performers being bored. As the aforementioned article mentions, you have to watch out for recruiters looking for your top performers for their own organizations, but the performers may also look elsewhere because they are not being challenged enough. When I was involved with a nonprofit organization awhile back, I got so bored after accomplishing all educational tracts available for me, learning nearly all of the staff positions in the same organization, that I did not know what to do. I was told I was doing great quite often, especially for being far younger than most people doing the same jobs, but after I learned most jobs, it was either move up or move out because I was bored to tears with just twiddling my thumbs, doing the same tasks repetitively.
The end result was leaving the organization after moving up because there was no challenge left in the higher positions of leadership and the mind begins to wander, wondering what else to do.

On the flip side, and for the second example, I had a class last semester where someone in my group noticed I had the highest score in the group and that person stated “I’ll beat you on the next exam.” She did not realize that competition drives me like nothing else and because the university I attend does not grant A+ grades, just A’s as the highest, I don’t worry about getting higher grades than an A in any class because I will not be rewarded with anything for it. When the next exam came along, some 4-5 weeks later, I studied just a bit more than usual and when we received our tests back, I had received the best grade in the class. I asked the lady what her score was by asking “did you beat me?” She showed her test to me, which was also an A, but she didn’t have to ask what my score was because someone else in class had come up, hitting me on the shoulder, and saying “best score, huh?”

The take away is that we do have to look at our low performing team members, but never forget that those in the middle can be developed further and the top performers have to be praised, but also challenged, or else they may just find boredom and look elsewhere to feed the hunger created by it.

As always, looking for comments, your own experiences, and any opinions on my posts. My challenge to you is to leave comments for us all to continue learning.


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