Where to begin

Most of us have dreams, concerning special items we would like to have, things we would like to do or accomplish in life, dreams of places in the world we want to travel to one day and this is not strange in the least. What is strange is that we do not capitalize on them.

I was looking into my university’s online system to apply for graduation recently and part of the requirements to submit the application was going to the adviser for my major and having her check to see that I have accomplished the coursework required for the degree. This is the first time I have ever met an academic adviser and the process from introduction to walking back to my car lasted less than five minutes. She said that I have only a few classes to go in spring, which I already had set up for the registration process for next semester, and she asked how I had done all of this without ever visiting an adviser. I said it was easy-I started with where I want to end up and worked backwards.

I was thinking of this again today because that adviser thought it so different that I had mapped out my work this way and yet, I do this for most everything in life. It has benefited me as a leader too because long term goals, being long to begin with, require not only a lot of work, but planning on how we will get to where we want to be. Managers in business can and should follow this same game plan and, in keeping with my notion that leadership should be learned at all ages, the same goes with this trait, as evidenced in an article I read on the same topic. In looking up this idea, I also found another blog post with the same theme to it, derived from an idea in a book by Stephen Covey in that instance.

Simple dreams we may think, but they will remain only dreams if we do not decide they can be accomplished and plan backwards in the journey getting there.

As always, I’m interested in comments, opinions, concerns, or stories from others on anything I post and look forward to hearing what you have to say on this topic!


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