Have you ever gotten the feeling that all eyes in a large auditorium were on you? Ever felt that the answer you give will be thoroughly scrutinized with your job hanging in the balance? What about feeling nervous about asking that special someone out on a date?

I’m certain these descriptions of uneasy feelings have come to us all in one form another, whether it was in a speech, a job, or in more daily activities, such as asking someone on a date, as the descriptions above portray. This uneasy feeling is usually thought of when a person begins speaking about courage and most would state that courage is just the ability to not be afraid. I read an article concerning the topic of courage in business that I thought was a good description of the effect small acts of courage can have. The same article also shows that courage is required of us in nearly any situation and we must remember that courage can be required of us doing anything at any time.

Courage does not have to be the usual thought of a fireman running into a burning building to rescue a small child, nor of a soldier jumping on top of a hand grenade to protect his squad mates. Courage can be found in very simple daily activities, as listed by another article I read concerning the same topic. After reading about the many overlooked acts of courage, I thought of an example my sister gave to me very recently. She flew into town on vacation to visit me a week ago and after the normal rounds of “hi, how are you…” “how have you been” and “what’s new,” she was telling me about one of her bosses at work that loves to criticize every detail of new employees’ work to make them get better. I would not say this is the best form of leadership in the business world (or any other arena for that matter), but it is the method her boss uses. When she was new to the company, she too was put through the same trials of this boss and what she told me is what I find the best example of courage-take the criticism to get better, learn what you can from the boss (who is a master at his craft, leadership abilities aside), and get closer to being a master yourself.

Just a small amount of courage can lead to great things. In the case of my sister, not only did she prove she had the guts to put up with the boss, but she did learn a lot from him, and finally his respect. Now she sees others going through the same trials and she knows what it means to have decided I will learn from him by taking a small chance-to have courage.

As always, please let me know what you think of the post. I’m always looking for criticism of my own, for examples you have in your own lives, and opinions about the subject too!


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