Forging Ahead

With the political season heading into the home stretch and another four to five weeks’ run of election advertisements, I thought I would make a post about taking a stand. I am not posting to show support for one party or another, for one politician or another, simply a forest view of the nation versus the view of the tree and its relationship to leadership.

Tough decisions lie ahead of all of us, whether it is during the upcoming and aforementioned election, about our economy, and our nation’s own survivability in different aspects on the world stage. Being a leader is also about making tough decisions and the decisions we make when placed in charge of others. Some of the difficulty arises because we cannot please everyone and what we decide is not always popular in the here and now, but important for the future. It is with this basis that I base this post.

When I think about the state of our nation, I worry about a few major items. The economy involves the job market, real estate prices, stock prices on Wall Street, and a mountain of other topics. For my generation, I believe it’s time we take the stand of making the difficult decisions. We need to pay higher taxes to pay down the national debt and we have to remove tax breaks that have been in effect. There is no way around needing to increase income and lower expenditures, and certainly no need to be outspending the next 15 or 16 countries on just our national defense budget. Where we do need to spend money is on the infrastructure of our nation and news articles about bridges falling down or simply driving down terrible roads should be proof enough. This creates jobs for us, but I propose more drastic measures, such as actually spending to educate our people. College is certainly a part of this education, as with the public school system leading up to college, but education can mean training in specialized fields, such as mechanics, carpentry, or renewable energy and technology. After paying down the debt and learning that we do not always need to continue spending outrageously, we can then consider tax breaks, subsidies for business, innovation, and the like, but not until we have learned long term responsibility. We can no longer blame other generations for the debt nor push it forward to the next generation as has been done for so long.

Tough decisions, such as those mentioned here, are faced by leaders every day, sometimes several times per day. Times like the present require us to take a stand and do something instead of pointing fingers, delaying problems, or simply making ourselves look good and living an easy life. We can reach the point of an easy life, but must first take the steps necessary beforehand to get there. Hoping and praying for change in politics, at work, or anything we do are a start, but it is more important that we make the decisions and take a stand.


One comment on “Forging Ahead

  1. Some of the things I’m looking at with this post. Just happens the article is newer than the post, but works well to the post’s intention that we may be all right in the short term, but the long term prospects have to be dealt with now.

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