Concerning Leadership

Leadership is a word used by most people, especially involving success or failure, but few give much thought to the topic. This is a shame when one considers how much the topic permeates our lives. Understanding leadership requires study, practice, and making mistakes. Leadership requires participation by all involved in the process because leadership accomplishes nothing without followers and this is fostered through open communication.

With leadership being spoken of by most people, we must first break it down into its many components to take the first step of studying leadership. Examples I have experienced in life, seen on the news, and in history will provide a thread of commonality with readers to relate to the components presented. Practicing leadership is the only effective way to learn about and get a feel for leadership and we can practice leadership in small ways many times per day. Most situations require leadership in some degree, whether the scenario is played out at work, at home with children and family, in organizations we volunteer our time to, in the sports we enjoy, or in our time spent online and thus requiring understanding and practicing leadership. We are practicing leadership many times without knowing we are practicing it and thus requiring more attention than the great majority of us give to the topic.

Practicing anything inherently brings about mistakes. Mistakes are feared in life because they are perceived as detriments to advancing in our jobs, in volunteer organizations, or in the eyes of those we care about. This perceived fear must be overcome to allow for practice to happen because, as already mentioned, we cannot understand leadership without practice.

Increasing the benefits of anything we attempt to lead is fostered through open communication between all parties involved. Although seemingly easy to do, the reality of communicating openly is not practiced by many leaders, nor is it requested by followers.

In understanding leadership, we are not only preparing ourselves to become great leaders, but we are also making better followers of ourselves. When knowledge of leadership is found in more people, we increase understanding, productivity, and better feelings throughout organizations. The beliefs expressed in this blog have been practiced by me since my teenage years and have benefited me in all endeavors I have attempted and would like to show how it can benefit you.


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